As Southwest Florida residents, we volunteer to pay for certain luxuries. But just because we live in beautiful areas like Naples, it doesn’t mean we should be forced to overpay for Medical Marijuana CertificationsThat is especially true if you’re seeking Medical Marijuana in Naples from a Medical Marijuana Physician that knows little to nothing about it or how to recommend it to a patient.

If you’ve spoken with a Medical Marijuana Physician and they have “prescribed” you Medical Marijuana, that is a red flag!

To get your Medical Marijuana Certification you must get a recommendation not a “prescription.” How can a physician prescribe a plant that grows out of the ground? If you have a digestive issue, can you get a prescription for prune juice and cabbage? Of course not.

You also can’t get a “prescription” for Medical Marijuana in Naples because Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug. This means it allegedly has “no medicinal value.” In 2017, we should know that this is absurd. It also means that it is still federally illegal, and the clinical studies that would prove it’s ability to disrupt the $ Trillion+ drug industry cannot be performed.

Florida Medical Marijuana Law

In November, 2016 with the support of 71% of Floridians, Medical Marijuana was authorized by Amendment 2. In June, 2017 Governor Scott updated the legislation by signing Senate Bill SB8-A.

At this point, Medical Marijuana officially became legal for physicians licensed with The Office of Medical Marijuana Use to recommend to patients with qualifying medical conditions.

There are now over 1,200 M.D.’s and D.O.’s (aka physicians) in Florida that have obtained their Medical Marijuana Licenses with The Office of Medical Marijuana Use. We have personally called most of them and know from direct conversations that they are often either clueless about Medical Marijuana, or they’re hesitant to incorporate Medical Marijuana into their existing brick and mortar practices.

Who can blame a Neurologist or Radiologist who’s run their practice for over 30 years and believes in Medical Marijuana, but is hesitant to recommend it to patients because it’s still a federally illegal drug and could expose their practice to unseen risks?

The Risks Of Bad Medical Marijuana Advice

If you’re a patient who’s been to one of the many doctors licensed to recommend Medical Marijuana in Naples who are uninformed on how to properly recommend Medical Marijuana, you are not alone.

At My Florida Green’s Naples location, we’ve seen some shocking recommendations entered into the state registry. One example was for a 78 year old woman who has never used Medical Marijuana in the past and was “prescribed” two twenty milligram edibles per day! One in the morning, and one at night.

Anyone who’s ingested an edible knows that this is a strong dose and could have been overwhelming to her instead of therapeutic.

Chances are, when she tried to obtain her Medical Marijuana in Naples, the dispensary would have turned her away and asked her physician (not mentioning any names, but he’s located in Naples) to reload her recommendation in the proper format.

As of now, this patient has to schedule another appointment with her physician, pay another office visit fee, and educate the physician on how to properly do his job! What a debacle!

For the record, we’ve left several messages for this practice “prescribing” Medical Marijuana in Naples in an attempt to help them with their future patients but have gotten no response. We also know of patients who want to be deactivated from this particular physician in the state registry. Thus far this practice has refused to do so which in our opinion is unethical, violates their Hippocratic Oath, and puts a black mark on the community seeking Medical Marijuana in Naples.

How To Choose The Right Doctor For Medical Marijuana In Naples

If you’re seeking a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, or Fort Myers here are some critical questions to ask:

Q: Are you prescribing Medical Marijuana to patients or recommending it?
A: If they answer ‘prescribing’, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Q. How many patients have you certified?
A: If less than 20, their experience is minimal.

Q: Will your office help me order medicine?
A: If no, they are clearly inexperienced, especially with patients who are cannabis naive.

Q: What are the delivery methods available for administering the medicine?
A: Inhalation, Oral/Sublingual, Nebulizer, Topical are the delivery methods currently available (sorry as of Dec, 2017 no flower “bud” is available).

Q: How much is the total for my Medical Marijuana Certification?
A: If it’s over $300 for the initial visit or over $500 for the year, we suggest you shop around.

The point of this article is not to bash inexperienced Doctors recommending Medical Marijuana in Naples, (at least it isn’t opiates!) we are posting this article to build awareness for the Florida Medical Marijuana community.

Medical Marijuana In Naples & All Of Southwest Florida

Here at MY FLORIDA GREEN we establish long-term relationships with patients seeking Medical Marijuana and assist them with their transition from synthetic medicine to natural alternatives.

You will be seen by reputable, experienced Medical Marijuana Doctors that do their research, a support team that cares about your success, and a community of fellow patients with whom you can speak, learn, and heal.