Ask “The Budsman” A Question

Illlustration: Marijuana flower dressed in suite with caption: "Ask 'The Budsman' a question. He will send you a response within 12 hours if you don't see your answer below.
How do I get started? How do I see a doctor? How does this work?
Simply go to our website which is, click on any of the get started buttons, and choose the doctor that services your area. Please note that if you are transferring from another doctor you will need to sign up as a transfer, not a new patient. You'll fill out the secure application forms, which must contain all information asked as this is what is input into your Florida State Registry. Once that information is submitted, you’ll then receive an email to schedule your appointment. We give you the opportunity to schedule your own appointment so that you can choose the best date/time that works for you. Once scheduled you’ll come to your appointment, sign in and sign your consent forms, meet with an educator and then see your physician for any lingering questions you may have.
What are the costs involved with receiving my Medical Marijuana recommendation?
Your state-required initial doctor’s visit is $199. The physical ID card issued by the state is $77.75. Per Florida State Law you must renew your recommendation with the doctor every 7 months. Your first 7 month certification will be $149. This meeting is important as we document your success and we enter the prescriptions you may have reduced into our drug database. Your second 7 month follow up and beyond will be $99.00. This includes unlimited support, five-star service, and maximum dosing for 7 months. If you are not approved, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! You will be required by law to renew your card every year with the state and to be re-evaluated by your certifying physician every 7 months. We didn’t write these rules, but we do need to follow them. We keep it simple with our app.
Do I need a previous diagnosis to qualify for my card?
MY FLORIDA GREEN has certified doctors across the state who can verify your symptoms and recommend an alternative with Medical Marijuana. While it is strongly preferred to have a pre-existing diagnosis, it is not legally required. Recommendations are issued at the Doctor’s discretion and if he or she feels you do not qualify from debilitating emotional or physical symptoms, you will be denied.
Where can I pick up my medicine?
Visit our Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries List to see all of available products and determine which are best suited for you. If you don’t have a dispensary nearby, all dispensaries also offer statewide delivery.
What routes of administration are currently available?
In Florida, Medical Marijuana is available via:
  • Vaporizer “pens”
  • Smokable flower
  • Capsules
  • Oral solutions
  • Concentrated oils
  • Topical creams
Am I allowed to possess marijuana that I purchase on the black market?
No. Only medical marijuana products purchased from licensed Florida dispensaries can legally be possessed in Florida.
How do I show residency if I am a seasonal resident without a Florida driver’s license?
Patients that qualify as seasonal must have a utility bill no more than two months old and a copy of either their property tax bill, voter’s registration, mail from a financial institution, mail from a federal, state, county or municipal government agency or lease/mortgage agreement.
What types of payment are accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and cash or check are all acceptable forms of payment.
Is insurance accepted?
While Medical Marijuana is legal under Amendment 2 in Florida, it is still prohibited under federal law so we are unable to accept any insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid at this time.
How long will the appointment take?
This will depend on how you have documented your condition. You should allow 30-60 minutes for your visit, but most appointments range from 14 to 20 minutes. This will vary from patient to patient as we do not put a time limit on your health and ensure everyone leaves fully satisfied. At your visit you will receive proven insights from our team on how to choose the right products, evaluate dispensaries, and balance CBD and THC for optimal results. Our ultimate goal is to education you on the medicinal benefits of Medical Marijuana and how to incorporate available products as an alternative.
What symptoms can be treated with Medical Marijuana?
Along with the conditions listed in our Qualification Page, Amendment 2 allows licensed Medical Marijuana physicians to recommend Medical Marijuana for medical conditions of the same “kind or class” as comparable to those listed above. What does this mean? If a patient is suffering from symptoms that are similar to those listed and is otherwise qualified, the licensed Florida Medical Marijuana doctor can recommend Medical Marijuana.
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Nerve pain
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Spasticity
  • Abdominal pain and constipation
  • Menstrual pain
Please contact our office at 833-MMJ-EASY to discuss whether your symptoms might qualify you to receive Medical Marijuana. We will gladly answer any questions you may have while determining if Medical Marijuana is right for you.
How does Medical Marijuana work?
Cannabinoids are the therapeutic components of cannabis. The two most commonly studied molecules are THC and CBD. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that produces our own internal cannabinoids (“endo” means internal) similar to those found in cannabis. There are cannabinoid receptors throughout the human body and nervous system. Cannabinoids bind to these receptor sites and have been proven to promote homeostasis, or “harmonic balance” of the human body and its systems.
Is my medical information safe?
Your health information will be stored on HIPAA-compliant technology, protected by 256-bit encryption, and multiple layers of security.
Will I lose my concealed weapon permit if I obtain my Medical Marijuana Card?
While this is a very controversial question, the short answer is NO! The Department of Health cannot communicate with the Department of Agriculture as this would violate a patient’s HIPAA rights. No one has ever lost their right to carry in the state of Florida because of their Medical Marijuana Card. However, there are restrictions on buying new weapons in places such as Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s etc. Purchasing guns from private brokers and gun shows does not require the same forms and affidavits and is still legal. Fun Fact: Nikki Fried, the Commissioner of Agriculture has publicly announced she is a Medical Marijuana patient and a concealed weapon permit holder.
Why should I choose My Florida Green?
MY FLORIDA GREEN stands apart from most Medical Marijuana doctors in Florida by offering premier education, support, and guidance. Most of our patients are new to Medical Marijuana and need a partner who can help. This is especially true for the majority of our patients who are looking to “get healed not high.” We help by offering proven insights on how to balance CBD and THC for optimal results, how to choose the right strain for the right time of day, and the find the best dispensary for your needs. We’ve served thousands of Florida Medical Marijuana patients and have a five star rating on google with 300+ reviews.
What's the difference between low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana?
Low-THC cannabis is a product with trace amounts of THC and is essentially just CBD. This product will have very little to no psychoactive effect. Medical Marijuana or high THC will have psychoactive effects.
What's the difference between a recommendation and a prescription?
A marijuana doctor cannot prescribe marijuana because prescription drugs are regulated by the federal government, and since marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law, medical marijuana "prescriptions" are not allowed. The reason that marijuana doctors can "recommend" instead of "prescribe" is because a recommendation is considered as freedom of speech and is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
What locations can you get certified with My Florida Green?
Our headquarters is in Naples. We also serve Sarasota, Saint Pete, Brevard, Sunrise and all surrounding areas. We do hope to expand and serve more of The Sunshine State in the future.
Am I allowed to smoke medical marijuana?
Yes. Per Florida State Law you are allowed 2.5 Ounces of flower per 35 days. This cannot be changed to allow more as before stated, that is Florida’s law. This does not affect your dosing for other forms of intake.
Can someone else pick up my medication?
Yes, but they must be your licensed caregiver. If you are needing a caregiver added to your state profile, simply make this request during your appointment.
Am I safe to carry marijuana "bud" with my card?
Qualified patients can use medical marijuana at home or on private property. Public use is illegal, except for low-THC cannabis. Your qualified physician may order up to six 35-day supplies of medical marijuana in a form for smoking within each certification. Qualified patients may only possess up to 4 ounces of medical marijuana in a form for smoking at any given time.
Can a minor/child enroll in the program?
Yes. A minor must provide the department with a certified copy of a birth certificate or a current record of registration from a Florida K-12 school. The minor must also have a caregiver such as a parent or legal guardian who meets the requirements of subparagraph. A second opinion from an MD or DO is also required in order for a minor to be certified for Medical Marijuana.
Can any doctor in Florida certify a patient for Medical Marijuana?
No, only physicians who are licensed with the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use can certify a patient for Medical Marijuana. We urge caution when choosing a physician for your certification as many are inexperienced with Cannabis. Many will charge erroneous fees and have patients come back for unnecessary appointments.
Did the state get my check?
Unfortunately, only the state can tell you that. You can reach them at 800-808-9580 and ask for an update. We strongly suggest all patients use the online portal with the Office of Medical Marijuana use and pay by credit or debit card to expedite the process.
What is the status of my card?
Our job is to help facilitate your medical marijuana registration with the State of Florida. Aside from that, unfortunately we are unable to directly see the status of a pending application and you must contact the state directly at 800-808-9580. You can also use the “check my status" page on our website which will send an email on your behalf requesting the status of your card.
Why do you charge before the doctor’s visit and what is your refund policy if I'm not approved?
Due to past schedule conflicts, we require you to pay upfront for your appointment with the doctor. If for any reason you are not approved or satisfied with your visit, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Does my card/recommendation expire?
Per Florida State Law you must see a physician every 210 days (7 months) to renew your recommendation. Your physical card is good for one calendar year. Please note you will have to log in to the medical marijuana use registry to renew this. They will email you 45 days prior to expiration so please be sure to check your spam folder or add them as a contact so that you receive the notification. Their website is
Can I fill out paperwork in the office?
Our sign up process is extremely user friendly and on an automated platform at You’ll click on “get started” and follow the prompts. It’s best to complete on a laptop or desktop although our platform is mobile friendly. If you’re having difficulty, please call first to speak with a specialist by calling 239-307-5307 or 239-208-6545. If you’re still having difficulty and local to Naples please feel free to stop by and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.
Can I grow my own Medical Marijuana?
No. Florida law only allows the licensed dispensing organizations to grow, process and dispense marijuana.
Can I obtain my card while on probation?
We urge you to check with your probation officer before applying however we've had many patients obtain their card without issues. Medical Marijuana was passed as a constitutional amendment. This means any state or government funded agency who hinders a patient’s access to Medical Marijuana once they’ve been certified, would be violating that patient’s constitutional right. If your probation officer is restricting your access, we suggest requesting this in writing from the probation officer on why you cannot use Medical Marijuana when you are in fact a legal patient. If you are a qualified patient with a qualifying condition, it is your constitutional right to use Medical Marijuana as an alternative.
What mailing address do I use to send my state fee check?
The Office of Medical Marijuana Use's address is PO Box 31313 Tampa, FL 33631. We'll provide you with a pre-addressed envelope during your visit if you'd like. Please note that this payment method is the longest and, in some cases, has been known to take up to 2 months. Again, we strongly urge all patients to use the online portal to complete your state profile.
What Medical Marijuana products should I use or what do you suggest?
During your appointment, your educator will go over all routes accessible to you. Since there isn't a one-product-fits all approach, we suggest experimenting by starting low, going slow and finding out what products work best for you and your individual needs. Our Patient Guide on the website is a great resource for you to read about the effects and details of specific methods to use.
Will this affect my job?
Amendment 2 was passed as a constitutional amendment, so any state of government funded agency that attempts to prevent you from using your medicine is violating your constitutional rights. However, we urge all patients to discuss with their employer if they are concerned about testing positive for THC on a drug test. Medical Marijuana is still new to Florida and employers are still adjusting policies.
Who has access to my medical marijuana records?
Your health records are protected by HIPAA. Only My Florida Green physicians, The Florida Department of Health, and Law Enforcement (if you get stopped or questioned while possessing medical marijuana.
Are you the doctor?
No. However, you will meet the certifying physician at your appointment. All MY FLORIDA GREEN staff members are very experienced with Medical Cannabis and can answer many of the questions you may have. Rest assured though, you will be meeting with the physician.
I submitted my form, but it didn't go through. How do I proceed?
Please scroll up the page and make sure that all sections of the form are complete. Any empty fields will be highlighted in red and will prevent the form from being submitted. In many cases, using a phone or tablet will cause this problem. If you’re still having problems and using a desktop or laptop hasn’t fixed the problem, please feel free to give us a call.
Can I use my Medical Marijuana license from another state?
Unfortunately, Florida does not accept medical marijuana patients certified in other states. However, if you can prove residency and you have a qualifying condition, we can easily get you certified in Florida.
Do you offer virtual doctor visits?
Unfortunately, virtual visits are no longer legal in Florida. However, they may be reauthorized at some point in the future. We will, however, be offering renewals with our educators in the future.
How long will this process take before I can purchase from a dispensary?
Patients should expect a 10-14 day application processing time from The Office of Medical Marijuana Use to issue your approval. Once you have this notification and you have received your recommendation from a My Florida Green Doctor, you will be able to visit or place a delivery order from any approved dispensary. For updates on your file please call 800-808-9580 or use the MY FLORIDA GREEN Check My Status app.
Can I talk to the doctor?
We don't book calls with the doctor. However we can have one of our educators reach out to you if you’d like. If they’re unable to answer your question or you’d rather only speak with the doctor, we will get your name and number, what the call is in regards to, and have the doctor give you a call back at their discretion.
Why do you ask for my social security number?
As a courtesy to you, we register you on the State of Florida's Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Many doctor's in the area leave this step up to you, however the process can be a bit confusing so we have taken it upon ourselves to help you get set up in the approval process. The State of Florida requires your social security number to identify you, so in turn we need that information to create your state profile. If this information is left out or input incorrectly in your profile, we will not be able to register you, and it will prolong your approval process. Please note that all health information will be stored on HIPAA-compliant technology, protected by 256-bit encryption, and multiple layers of security.
How much is your transfer fee? As well as the renewal?
Both are the same. We charge $149.00 for re-certifications and patient transfers. Most patient transfers need the My Florida Green education on the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana and how to incorporate it in their every day life.
How much is it?
First time patients will pay $199.00 for the appointment. This will give you unreistricted access with all routes to administer. Currently, the state law requires a physical encounter with the certifying physician every 7 months or 210 days.

Transfer patients will pay $149.00 with the same access.

7 month follow ups are $149 with unrestricted access.

I cancelled my appointment, how can I reschedule it?
If you have already paid for your appointment and cancelled it, you will need to give us a call to reschedule. The system does not recognize that you've already paid and will prompt you to do so again, so please, give us a call so that you are not charged twice and so that we can get you back on the schedule.

If you cancelled an appointment and recieved a refund, you can give us a call to send you the scheduling link and you can reschedule and pay for a date/time that best meets your needs.

Why did the state deny my application?
Unfortunately, we cannot answer that for you. We are not The Office of Medical Marijuana Use. As a courtesty to all of our patients, we help you at your inital appointment to get your profile set up with them. Afterwards, if they send you an email with a denial, the reason is clearly stated in that email.

You can log into your state profile and rectify the situation there. You can also reach them at 800-808-9580.

Can I change doctors?
Patients have the right to change doctors at any time. You can log into your profile on the OMMU registry here Log in with your email and password (IF you do not know your password, reset it.) Once logged in click on "Your Profile" then "Manage Profile Details" then you will choose to "Leave Your Physician" and save changes. Once this is done, the new physician can assign your patient profile to themselves and create your new order and certification.
Can I make an appointment to renew my recommendation?
If you would like to renew and haven't already recieved an email to do so, please give us a call so that we may send you the scheduling link. We send you a link to schedule yourself so that you may choose the best date and time for you and your schedule. If you'd like to schedule over the phone that can be arranged as well.
What states are legal?
Florida dispensaries do not accept medical ID's from any other state, however to answer the question, these are the states currently established.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Washington, DC and West Virginia.

Why is it only for 7 months? Most physicians are for 1 year. I live in Naples and would prefer to go here than have to go to Miami.
Per SB8-A, Florida law requires patients to be seen by their certifying physian every 7 months or 210 days. No certifying physician licensed with the state of Florida and The Offica of Medical Marijuana Use can certify a patient for Medical Marijuana past 210 days or 7 months legally. We didn't write the law, but we certainly must follow it.
fax numbers
Our Fax number is 866-920-1840
If I don't qualify to I get my money back?
100%, we will refund any and all patients who do not qualify for the program.
Make an appointment
Our appointment process starts online. From our homepage click on 'Get Started' or visit directly. Choose your location and fill in the application.
Schedule my 7 month appointment
The power is in your hands to schedule your 7 month appointment. Visit our 'How to Maintain Your Florida Medical Marijuana Card' page to learn more:
I am Canadian. Seasonal resident in Naples Florida. I have a Florida State "temporary drivers license" that I renew annually. I have a home here and I spend approximately 120 days a year in Florida. Do I qualify, assuming my medical condition is valid?
Your temporary ID from Florida will work. This is proof of residence.
My certifying doctor just told me that chronic pain (osteoarthritis) would no longer qualify for certification and that I will not be able to be re-certified this coming March. My dispensary is not aware of this change in Florida policy. Can you provide clarity?
Chronic Pain by itself is NOT a qualifying condition. In order to qualify under Chronic Pain only, it needs to be enumerated by a qualifying condition which is confusing. Here's an example: Chronic pain will qualify if the pain is caused from a cancer tumor being removed. Osteoarthritis will qualify under the "other like kind or class" section of the law here in Florida. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.
How do I get my money back for a cancelled appointment?
Simply send us an email for your refund.
I'm told re-certification is free for Vets, true?
YES! We recently rolled out our Veteran program. All 7 month follow ups are on us providing a Veteran patient has established care with My Florida Green. If you are a transfer patient, you will need to click on "Patient Transfer" and pay the 149 first. We invest a great deal of time and effort in every patient who joins the My Florida Green platform. The 7 month follow ups will be free of charge. If you are a veteran who has been on our platform, simply send us an email Thank you for your service!
Are you able to obtain a medical marijuana card if you are a licensed real estate agent in Florida?
Of course you can! Your Medical Marijuana license is held with the department of health. This record cannot be exposed as that would be a HIPAA violation.